How Do I Make A Business Plan Work For Me?  

  When you first think about writing your business plan it can really be intimidating. It’s your first time writing one and you have more questions than answers. The questions you might have will likely not be about what you actually plan to do, but with the business plan itself. Here are some questions you […]

What Is A Business Plan?

Once you have your idea, and you have done your research to learn if your target market would want it, it is time to begin planning the future of your business and how you see it working. There are two things to remember about a business plan: It is how you set sail. It is […]

How Do I Make Sure My Business Idea Will Work?

Once you have the basics covered and you know that you are the right person to be building your business idea (because you won’t always be), before you do anything, you need to be confident that your business is viable (that it will work and be profitable). You need to do research to best understand […]

How To Spot Opportunities For A New Business

Every entrepreneur has a way of seeing the world that sets them apart. A way of seeing solutions to problems that not only helps others in a real everyday way, but that makes them money. But how do we learn how to begin seeing the world in this way? What gives an entrepreneur the confidence […]

Do I Care Too Much About My Business Idea?

Like anything we love, once we have invested ourselves, it often becomes very difficult to know that it’s time to move on. Letting go is never easy, especially when it comes to the time and money we have invested in our idea. Seeing that your idea isn’t working, before it’s too late, is a skill […]

What Are The Different Types of Businesses?

There is a world of business waiting for you. For any interest or skill you choose for yourself. Anything you, or anyone you know, has ever bought represents a massive industry, with thousands of people counting on us needing what they do. Think about that for a second. Every single thing you have ever bought […]

Are There Different Types of Entrepreneurs?

  We are all great at different things, and because of this there are different kinds of ways that we give value. It is important to understand what kind of entrepreneur you are. Hopefully this helps you think about the direction you are heading in. There are many ways in which we can break down […]

What Is An Entrepreneur?

When you Google this question what you find is: “A person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.”   To us an entrepreneur is: “A person who gains trust by giving value and solving problems, who does so at a profit.”   So let’s break that […]

How Much Money Do I Need To Be An Entrepreneur?

Every business is different, but almost all of them require some kind of capital (money that you start with, or have to run your operation) to begin the journey. Whether it is simply enough to buy your own website domain to begin marketing, or maybe you need stock to start selling, the reality is that […]

Do I Need The Support of Family or Friends To Be An Entrepreneur?  

The saying goes: “No man is an island.” But for many entrepreneurs, survival meant creating value against the odds – with no support from anyone. When there aren’t any jobs and income is needed, some people simply rise up to the occasion and create solutions. But there is nothing simple about it. Creating income takes […]