WATCH: Slave Names and Sneakers – The Humble Lord Veezus

Verdine Andrews is well established within the entertainment industry between Cape Town and Johannesburg. He is a DJ, sneaker consultant, resident DJ on Good Hope FM and has a variety of other talents within the industry. Verdine commonly identified as ‘The Humble Lord Veezus’ has been scooped by sponsors such as New Balance South Africa […]

WATCH: I Made Hip Hop My Bread and Butter – Khanya “Kyizee” Siyengo

Eastern Cape native Khanya Siyengo, known to the public as Kyeezi, has firmly planted his creative and aspirational roots in the beautiful city of Cape Town.  A radio presenter, MCee and urban culture curator, Kyeezi’s talents traverse and absorb the pulse of the Mother City’s vibrant urban malaise.  Whether on air, hosting an event or […]

WATCH: How I Became Cape Town’s First Lady of Tea – Jessica Bonin

Jessica, aka Lady Bonin, has made around 40000 cups of tea in 4 years. It takes on average 3 minutes per cup of tea. That’s 120000 minutes of learning, exploring, understanding, experiencing and pursuing the mastery of tea. Mastery is a life long endeavor. Tea is Lady Bonin’s business, her passion and her practice Lady […]

WATCH: How Criminals Think and Why It Breeds Innovation – Sihle Tshabalala

Sihle Tshabalala’s story is one of powerful transformation: from convict and prison gang member to a motivated man running an organisation which is changing the lives of inmates and ex-convicts. Tshabalala (32) got involved in petty crime as a high school student in Langa, Cape Town. Finding himself jobless after matric, Tshabalala moved on to […]