4 Real Lessons On How To Be An Introvert Entrepreneur

Quiet, reserved, thoughtful, and careful – this is how most people would describe an accountant, not an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs are expected to be “strong” characters, where strong means loud and in your face. Not surprisingly, as entrepreneurship becomes systematically less male-dominated, and business becomes more inclusive, we are learning that gentle and focused often leads […]

Is The Best Way To Get Sales Not To Sell At All?

If you don’t sell, nothing happens. And so many of us starting out know the pressure and stress of getting through our first year, because we know that sales will determine if we get to our second. But time is limited. We are faced with this sales pressure daily, fully knowing that sales cannot ever […]

The Secret To Cheap Living For Entrepreneurs

We all want to make our ideas happen, but we find excuses – we worry we will fail, we struggle to believe in ourselves, we find a list of reasons why it’s easier not to take the chance to make the thing we know we would love to do happen. The main excuse is: to […]

Why Starting is Everything to Any Entrepreneur

Starting is picking up the phone. Starting is buying a domain. Starting is giving it a name. Starting is closing your first client. Starting is starting, it’s not an event, it wont be memorable – it’s an action, only one action. And it’s not any more complicated than that. Why do does that first step […]