First365 is a series of bi-monthly events that provides a platform for up-and-coming entrepreneurs and start-ups to obtain knowledge and skills and to share experiences of the very first year of making their idea a reality. The Launch of the first series of events will be held at the Fire and Ice Protea hotel on Wednesday, 21 September.

The format of the event includes a conference, where nine entrepreneurs share how they survived the First 365 days after they shared their idea that has made our city a better place to live in. We want to know everything about how they did it. There is also a pitching session where the winner will walk away with a R150 000 worth of services and virtual incubation from Caban Investment.

The event focuses on start-ups starting out – the make-or-break first 365 days, and how successful entrepreneurs navigated their first year. It encourages entrepreneurs to share “How They Did It” – to share their learning from their own creative problem solving, re-defining, agility, failure, personal challenges and tactics from their first 365 days.


  • host a space that is regular, reliable and free to the public that focuses on the first 365 days of the entrepreneurship journey.
  • break down the myths around what it means to be an entrepreneur, what defines an entrepreneur, by creating a space for working entrepreneurs to share how they made it through their very first year.
  • provide tangible, useful, ready-to-implement-tomorrow knowledge to young South Africans who want to be entrepreneurs, have no choice but to be entrepreneurs, or have just launched their first start-up.



Attendance is free of charge but by invite only. And inviting organisations such as yourself to participate. We have ten complimentary tickets — eight of these tickets are for the change makers within your ecosystem – entrepreneurs who are actively working towards making a difference and who could only benefit from spending a day with like-minded individuals and mentors. And two are for the leaders of the organisation – who can use this opportunity to meet the other players in the industry