What Are The Different Types of Businesses?

There is a world of business waiting for you. For any interest or skill you choose for yourself. Anything you, or anyone you know, has ever bought represents a massive industry, with thousands of people counting on us needing what they do.

Think about that for a second. Every single thing you have ever bought is just one piece of a massive puzzle that made it possible for you to be able to buy what you needed.

At some stage in your life, one of these businesses inspired you, whether it was a product you still love today, or a service you cannot live without. That song or painting you once loved that made you want to be an artist, or that doctor who saved the life of someone that mattered to you – these moments in your life, where you were touched to help shape your decision about what you want to do with your life. These moments are part of entire industries that help people around the world in the way they helped you, and there are industries that you will never hear of.

So let’s have a look at some of the industries out there:


Online or offline, when we buy products for ourselves, it is retail. Retail businesses stock products that they know we want. Whether it is the wedding ring you know will get them to say yes, or the TV you saw advertised on the TV you realized could be nicer – you are going to order it or visit a store and buy it. That’s retail.


Agriculture is one of our oldest industries. Find some water, find some seeds, grow for your family and sell the rest to other families. From wine and corn, to bread and milk, we use the produce from agriculture daily.


News, TV shows, Magazines, YouTube, Blogs – any way that we learn about the world around us, when we aren’t talking to each other, we are learning what media companies think is important for us to know.

Media is also used to inform us about what it is that we want – which is why adverts can be found in every magazine and on every TV channel. Media captures our attention, and our attention is the most expensive thing in the world, advertising companies help brands share their stories with us through the media we love.


Software, hardware, apps, robots and more – we are surrounded by the innovations that technology makes available for us. And it is getting more advanced every single day. We already have electric cars, roofs that power our homes, cellphones that make anyone in the world with the same app available to us to communicate with – technology makes the impossible, possible.


We are all human. We live, we die. This industry is there when we take our first breath, and our last. It makes sure that we are informed and that we can be healthy for as long as we are able to be. When possible, we are also able to buy medication ourselves when we get the sniffles.

It also helps us live the best life we can. From psychologists, to sports therapists, to yoga teachers – all people who dedicate themselves to help you be the best version of yourself, and face life’s challenges.


Everything needs to be made. And every single one of these industries need manufacturing to make it possible to give you the products you need. Factories across the world, hundreds in every city, make the products we use every single day.

From state of the art cars, to planes, to clothes, to medicine – everything that we need, there are thousands of others who need it too. Factories make these products by the thousands to get people what they want and need.


Homes, office buildings, airports, schools, government buildings – we get to enter into them today because of the property industry. From the architecture firm planning the building, the construction companies making it happen, to the agents selling the space – all parts of the property industry.


Unless we can walk there, or cycle, or swim – we use the transport industry to get there – whether we fly, drive or go by sea. But the transport industry doesn’t just get us to where we need to go. International trade wouldn’t be possible without transport. Getting products from China, or wherever, to where we are keeps our economy flourishing and turns our planet into a village. We get to have the same clothes or products as anywhere else in the world because of transport.

Oh, and let’s not forget. Space travel might be a thing very soon for all of us.


As long as we have questions, there will be an education industry. Whether it is while we grow up, when we discover new interests, when we start our first business, or after it has been running for 20 years, we will need advisors and guides to help us understand. We have thousands of years of history to learn from, we have our current world to figure out – teachers in all kinds of different fields make this a possibility for us.


We all need money, and our money needs a place to stay. There are also big purchases that we might not have the money for right now, and it would be easier to pay small portions of that big amount every month – banks make that possible for us by lending us that money.

Without banks our financial lives would be impossible.


The wedding ring you might wear one day, and the petrol that will get you to your wedding – all thanks to one of the largest industries in the world. Mining is at the core of many of the materials we use to make what we need.

This is a perfect example of an industry that we as everyday people don’t really know or hear about, but we benefit from the industry daily.

Arts and Entertainment

We all know and love this industry. Our favorite singers, our must-see TV show, or the theatre performance you saw last weekend. This industry allows creatives to express themselves, and those who are inspired by the creativity of others to help them do their work.


The reality is that we have not respected our environment. Today there is an entire industry dedicated to helping change things around. From organizations who are trying to make the difference, and the tools we are using to play our part. We need to recycle. We need to conserve water. There are businesses that help us learn how to best do that, as well as provide us with products that help us to.


Every time you get on holiday a whole industry is activated. From travel agents, to tour guides, the hospitality industry (see below) and more – all focused on making your holiday easy and unforgettable.


When we travel, for work or for play, we need a place to stay. Guesthouses, Bed and Breakfasts, Lodges and Hotels – they make us feel like we never leave home.


But, that’s not all.

Mixing It Up

Every business needs to find a way to make you choose them over their competitors. They need to get you excited and feel like you have made the best choice by giving you more than you thought was possible. They do that by innovating.

So what does that mean? Innovating means that we are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in our industry.

Uber was innovative because it disrupted the transport sector. They did this by not only focusing on transport, instead they saw how technology (an entirely different industry) can be used to make more people feel comfortable in a taxi. They saw that bringing the two industries together would be the best way to solve the problem.

Innovation is when we take elements from other industries to make our industry better for our customer, because our customer is always changing, and we are always trying to give them as much value as possible.

Another example is the manufacturing industry. A lightbulb used to be a lightbulb, but now we are able to use technology to tell our lightbulbs to change colour, become dimmer or brighter, or switch off entirely.

So yes, many industries are using technology to make the difference, but there are many examples.

The tourism industry couldn’t work without the hospitality industry (because tourists need somewhere to stay).

No industry can work without the finance industry because that is how money is moved between businesses.

So it is important to understand that there are many different ways in which these individual industries will impact each other, and that innovation helps us create an incredible future where we use other industries to make our product or service even better.


We hope that this article helped you understand all the different kinds of businesses we have in our world and how they work together to give us innovative value. If you have any questions, please ask us in the commends below.

Post Author: First365