Do I Need Work Experience To Be An Entrepreneur?

There are many people who we know who are entrepreneurs but they have a day job. That’s because they don’t see their job as a “job”. They see their job as the last bit of university.

So they went to school, got the degree, and now they got the job. But they know they don’t want to be in a job forever. This makes them incredibly grateful for the job in the industry that interests them and they see it as a way to continue learning. They see their job as a way to network with established people in their industry and for them to save some money while they build trust.

If you are able to start your business where you can say that you used to work at “this important company” and that you are now doing your own thing – it builds trust, and it adds value.

It is very hard to start a business without work experience, but it is not impossible. It just means that you need to build your work experience by giving value.

Many would suggest that at the beginning you should just focus on giving value – and to do it for free. What this does is exactly the same as getting work experience. Why? Because you are able to say: “I have worked with this customer, and that one, and here is what I did”. No one cares if you weren’t paid for it. What matters is that you were trusted to give value by someone who needed you.

So you have two options:

Either go work for a couple of years, learn the ropes.

Or offer your value for free until you build enough trust to be able to charge for your value.


The other alternative, of course, is to charge from the beginning. And it is possible. But it will take time to get your first customers, unless you have given them a reason to trust you.

Credibility is just another way of saying creating trust.

Here are some things you can do to create credibility:

  • Build a website with your own URL (URL is the website address, so:
  • Write about your work and how you think about your work and problems you have solved doing what you love.
  • Get those you have helped to share their thoughts and feelings about the value you gave them. These are called testimonials. You put them on your website.
  • Take video (even if it’s just with your phone) of you doing what you love to do, and how you gave value.

These are all examples of how you can share what you know and how you work. This builds a sense of trust in the customers’ mind that you do know what you are talking about. It also shows that you are taking your value seriously.



Post Author: First365