Do I Need The Support of Family or Friends To Be An Entrepreneur?  

The saying goes: “No man is an island.” But for many entrepreneurs, survival meant creating value against the odds – with no support from anyone. When there aren’t any jobs and income is needed, some people simply rise up to the occasion and create solutions.

But there is nothing simple about it. Creating income takes time, building trust takes time – and for some, building the skill to make that income takes even longer.

Having the support of your family and friends makes all the difference in the world. Even if you just have a place to stay where you don’t have the worry about basic living costs, it frees your mind to focus on what you are trying to build.

Not everyone is lucky enough to have their family or friends invest in their business, but if the support is there, even with just the basics, it allows any entrepreneur to spend every day building.

Here is what not to do if you do have the support of your family or friends:

Do not feeling guilty. Be grateful.

Some of you might feel insecure about living at home, as if you are someone “pretending” because you aren’t living independently. Do not give in to that. If you are lucky enough to have the support of your family and they believe in what you do, do not feel guilty asking for their help.

You owe it to yourself and your support system to do be grateful – and you show that by doing your best work daily. Feeling guilty or ashamed that you are still at your parents’ home only gets in the way of you being as productive as possible.

Don’t be over-confident. Be cautious.

Too many entrepreneurs leave home before they have a sustainable income that they can rely on. The moment they make enough money to move out, they leave home without thinking long term.

We promise you, there is only one thing worse than living at home as an adult, and that is moving back in because you were over-confident and ran out of money, or things didn’t work out.

Having no living expenses means you get to save. That should be your focus. Build your business, achieve a solid cash-flow and save. You need to be have at least a six months to years’ worth of saving (for yourself and your business) stored up before you leave home.

Do not expect your support system to understand your dream.

The only people who you should care about your dream are you and your customers. Your parents aren’t your customers, so do not expect them to understand what you are trying to do. If they are supporting you, it is because they love you, not because they necessarily believe in, or understand your dream.

Do not get comfortable. Work.

It is easy to lose focus and not establish a productive routine and schedule when you are at home. It is easy to become comfortable. Maybe your meals are cooked for you? Maybe family life, like watching TV in the evenings, distracts you.

You aren’t at home to enjoy yourself. You are there to save money and work. Focus on what you can control and be better at every single day. Build something worthwhile and do not become lazy or unmotivated. It is all too easy to think it’s a holiday.


Having the support of your family is an incredible thing, but only if you are grateful and use the opportunity wisely.

Not having the same support should not get in the way of you building the life and work that you feel you deserve. You might have to do it another way, a longer harder way, but it is possible. You can create the same stability if you have a day job, and work on your project at night. You have twenty-four hours a day and your day job only takes up ten of those hours. You need maximum 8 hours of sleep.

What are you doing every day with those six hours?

If you want it bad enough, you can do it alone. Many have, and so can you.

Post Author: First365