The Secret To Cheap Living For Entrepreneurs

We all want to make our ideas happen, but we find excuses – we worry we will fail, we struggle to believe in ourselves, we find a list of reasons why it’s easier not to take the chance to make the thing we know we would love to do happen. The main excuse is: to be an entrepreneur is expensive.

Here are some tips to live cheaply to make your idea happen:



Not only will you be in a better all-round mood, be more productive and more in tune with the feeling of growing as a human, the lifestyle of exercising is not expensive. What we mean by this is:

Chicken, spinach, eggs, rice, oats, coffee, water. That’s your shopping list. A months shopping doesn’t cost more than R1500. When you are exercising you are eating as lean as possible, which means whole foods and high protein – really not that expensive.

It also saves time to eat like this, you can easily make food for the entire week on a Sunday and just fridge it. So you don’t have to think about making time to cook or to think about what to cook. Eggs, oats and coffee takes minutes to finish.


Free Experiences

You want people to remember their time with you, to have something to talk about – do almost anything that’s available for free.

There are tons of free experiences made available to South Africans (First365 being one of them) and attending won’t just help you network, but participating in anything new is a great way to build a relationship with someone you want to do business with (it’s also a great way to get to know them). It makes you seem as if you know your city and want to be a part of it.

If it isn’t something that’s been organized – go for a walk, hike, go play free chess in the Company Gardens in Cape Town, there are tons of things that we always say we wish we did more of but never do – be the person that gives others the excuse to try new things, and re-learn to love good old fashioned activities. A night at the theatre is way cheaper than a night out at a restaurant.


Invest in Fashion

What you wear matters. How you present yourself says a lot about you, so focus on your particular style instead of focusing on trends. Trends come and go but your style doesn’t, so instead of buying R5 000 a season, spend nothing (unless you really need something) and stick to the quality pieces you have invested in.

For girls, make up is making you broke. Keep it simple and classic, what you say will always be more important than the lashes you bought.

For guys, buy one good suit, buy quality shoes, and you can wear almost anything with those two purchases and look good. Quality shirts that fit correctly also makes a huge difference.


Use Technology

Unless it’s a brand new contact, don’t have meetings. Skype, Facetime, Whatsapp, Email – use technology to save you time and money. Also – you are buying too much data – if you are using R1000 data monthly you can afford an uncapped ADSL Wi-Fi connection for your home. If you are in Cape Town and in the city – Connected Spaces charges R500 for uncapped fiber link connection. That’s what we use.


Stay At Home

When you are starting out, there is absolutely no need for you to go out and spend money. Unless you have a meeting there is absolutely no need to be out. If friends want to see you, go to their place or they come to yours. If you have a team, they come to you or use Whatsapp or Trello to keep them focused.


Keep your costs low. Live below your means. Really look at what you really need. You need a phone, internet, food, rent – that’s the basics. Everything else is a bonus that you can enjoy once you have the money that allows you to live like that. There is no shame in living cheaply and simply. You will be happier in the long run, we promise.



Post Author: First365