WATCH: How I Became Cape Town’s First Lady of Tea – Jessica Bonin

Jessica, aka Lady Bonin, has made around 40000 cups of tea in 4 years. It takes on average 3 minutes per cup of tea. That’s 120000 minutes of learning, exploring, understanding, experiencing and pursuing the mastery of tea. Mastery is a life long endeavor. Tea is Lady Bonin’s business, her passion and her practice

Lady Bonin’s Tea Parlour started out of a 1975 Jurgens caravan in December 2010. It was Cape Town’s first food truck and the world’s first mobile tea caravan. Travelling to various markets, functions and events, the idea was to use this as the tearoom daily, but due to city trading limitations, it wasn’t possible. Instead, we began packaging and distributing hand-blended artisan teas to local cafes, restaurants and retail outlets. In 2012, we had enough production to open the tea room and workshop in Woodstock.

Lady Bonin’s mission is to create a platform for consumers to reconnect with themselves and others through the rejuvenating, comforting and age-old art of tea drinking, by reforming the tea tradition to suit a modern lifestyle. We ensure that every aspect of the business is accountable to and respectful of the environment and society through soul-invested practices.

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